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Hitched couple on the terrace of the Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento | Courtesy of Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

Getting married in Sorrento Coast

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Being from United Kingdom, Kerry and David never visited Sorrento before. They went there for the first time on 16th of September 2017 to officially tie the knot! Almost one year later, they still say that it was really the best day of their lives. We invited them to tell us about their extraordinary experience.

David why did you choose to get married in Italy, in Sorrento?
“Kerry and I have always loved Italy and the culture which it offers, however we had never visited Sorrento but had heard magnificent reviews from our friends and family. So, when we were looking for a wedding destination, and the Hotel Mediterraneo popped up on our internet search with its spectacular scenic views along the cliff edge, the opportunity to marry in Sorrento was too hard to resist”.

The spectacular panorama from the rooftop of the Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento | Courtesy of Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

What did you like the most about Sorrento Coast?
“Since we booked the wedding venue, Kerry and I have been back to Sorrento on a number of occasion, and will continue to do so, as it holds a special place in our hearts. From the moment you arrive into Sorrento, you instantly feel at ease and relaxed, with it quirky cobbled streets and shops, stunning views along the coast, the Italian people who are so warming and friendly and of course the food”.
How easy was the paperwork to get legally married in Italy?
“The process itself was a bit complex by having to get a certificate of no Impediment, undertaking a statutory Declaration by a Public Notary, sending to the legalisation office and then finally getting these documents translated into Italian. This process however was assisted by the Hotel Mediterraneo, as they provided a self-explanatory e-mail with examples, which clearly set out these procedures. At the end we had no problems with it”.

Why did you choose the Hotel Mediterraneo for your wedding?
“The hotel itself was in such a picturesque location and had facilities which other hotels in the surrounding area, just could not provide i.e. Vista Sky Bar. The hotel also provided wedding packages, which could be catered for everyone’s budget as well as a fantastic wedding planner, who's was passionate had an amazing attention to detail, and instantly made you feel welcome and at ease. At the wedding were invited approximately 56 guests (friends and family) and 48 accepted. A lot of the guests had never been to Italy let alone Sorrento, so a number of the guess used the wedding as an opportunity to see this spectacular country. And during the wedding ceremony at the Villa Fondi, they had a violinist and then traditional background music during the canopies and meal. For the evening entertainment there were a DJ with a music list, so the guests were up dancing the entire night”.

The wedding ceremony at the Villa Fondi | Courtesy of Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

What is the budget (approximately) to get married in Sorrento?
“Our wedding budget was approximately £20,000 sterling, but as mentioned previously, there was various wedding packages available to cater for all wedding budgets”.

Did you choose a traditional Italian Menu? Was it up to the expectation?
“Once Kerry and I had chosen the wedding package and associated wedding menu, which was difficult, due to the variety and options available, we travelled over to Sorrento to see the venue, meet hotel wedding planner Francesco and sample the menu. After one of the best meals we have ever had, we settled on the following wedding meal:
King prawns tails rolled in kataifi
Ravioli filled with “scarola” endive and smoked cheese
Backed lamb loin in a mustard and local herbs breadcrumb or Filet of sea bass “acqua pazza” style
Hazelnut parfait with dark chocolate sauce and biscuit crumble
The hotel also offered a vegetarian menu. Every one of our guesses complemented the menu and the quality of the food provided. It was sensational from start to finish”.

The wedding tables | Courtesy of Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

Would you suggest a wedding planner to organize a destination wedding? Did you dialled directly with all the suppliers involved in the event?
“Most certainly. Having a wedding planner as part of the Hotel Mediterraneo wedding package turned out to be a god send. Francesco and Alessia were so organized, and any query was quick responded to and address as required. Our wedding just would not have been the same without their assistance, and because of their involvement throughout the day of the wedding, Kerry and I were able to relax and enjoy celebrating our marriage with our guests”.

In your opinion, which are the main differences between and English and Italian wedding?
“You get significantly more value for money in Italy, which just cannot be matched in England. Plus, the great weather is a major advantage as well”.

Which is the picture of your wedding you like the most?
“We have so many lovely photos it is very difficult to single out, just one. One of our favourites would probably be the photo of us standing up on the house and carriage with the sea and Mount Vesuvius in the back ground. There is also a photo during our wedding reception where we are in the Vista Sky Bar during a balloon release. The angle at which the photographer (who was also amazing) took the photo, you have the entire cliff edge of Sorrento in the background. You just cant get bored of looking at the wedding photos, great memories”.

Tha balloon release from the Vista Sky Bar rooftop | Courtesy of Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

The couple after the event, they left Sorrento to fly out to another destination. They have however booked Sorrento again for later this year, with another four couples who were at the wedding with them.

Are you and your wife completely satisfied of the whole experience?
“Our wedding day was such a wonderful occasion.  We had the best week of our lives and the wedding day exceeded all of our expectations. Everyone of our guests have told us at some point, that with the relaxed vibe, extraordinary views from the Vista Sky Bar, the magnificent food and the attention to detail from the staff at the Hotel Mediterraneo. It was the best wedding they had ever been to. The Hotel Mediterraneo which formed an integral part of the wedding week, is a truly special hotel, made exceptional by the staff, and will always have a special place in our hearts”.

Would you suggest to young couple to get married in Sorrento, Italy? And which advise them?
“I certainly would. If marrying aboard is your dream wedding, then I cannot think of a more spectacular destination that Sorrento, with its stunning views along the coast, friendly people and food. The best advice that I could give, would be to contact the Hotel Mediterraneo, and let them assist you in arranging your dream wedding, you won’t be disappointed, we certainly weren’t. Also be aware of companies in England offering you aboard wedding, and before committing do your research”.

"The Hotel Mediterraneo will always have a special place in our hearts" | Courtesy of Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

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